I believe colour is the second most important consideration in design, function being the most important. Colour considerations include the exposure to natural light, the psychology of the color, emotional messages and the meanings of colour.

When selecting the perfect or appropriate colour for residences, commercial and public spaces, I, the designer, take into consideration the clients associations to colour, cultural, traditional and conditioning influences and the desired “look, feel and message” desired for the project.

My interest in design and colour, has prompted me to attend a number of colour design seminars at the various annual design shows in Toronto, Las Vegas and Vancouver. Most recently, this January I felt compelled to pursue the 4-day colour training with Leatrice Eiseman, whom many consider to be the world expert on colour. She has written several books on colour and is an internationally known color expert and trend forecaster, executive of Pantone Color Institute and a member of the American Trends Committee and the international forecasting group for the Pantone View Color Planner.

I bring many years of experience and training to my clients. They can be assured of my being aware of the latest trends in colour and design.